Board Minutes – September 1, 2015

Cumberland County District PTA Council
Board of Director’s Minutes
September 1, 2015

The Cumberland County District PTA Council met on Tuesday, September 1, 2015 at 3:45 p.m. in the Central Services Board Room, with the following board members present: Sonya Harriott, Porcha McMillan, Jerial Bogan, Cathy Hurley, Melody Chalmers, Renarta C. Moyd, Heather Fuentes, Angelic White and Rosalyn Hinton.

President, Porcha McMillan called the meeting to order at 3:50 p.m.  The board approved the May 5, 2015 minutes.

Treasurer, Jerial Bogan discussed and provided the treasurer report for information purposes.

The audit was successfully completed and we added a line item for sales tax.


President, Porcha McMillan opened up the meeting with discussion of how summer planning and strategic planning meeting went.

Old Business

  1. Strategic planning meeting results
  • 3 areas of concentration
  1. Raising awareness-be in the field, communicate, advertise, and add new partners
  2. Diversity and Membership
  3. Leadership development and training
  • Decisions made from the strategic planning meeting were:
    1. We adopted the hashtag-“#Why We PTA”
    2. Nakol Lovett will help with the videos to help brand us along with three of the CCS schools and Fort Bragg to stress the importance of PTA
    3. A goal is to make local areas stronger
    4. CCS University is another initiative along with videos to promote professional development as well
    5. The strategic team will meet the Tuesday prior to our monthly meetings
    6. The Committee is comprised of Renarta, Heather, Virginia, and Kris2.   Block Party
    1.  A committee was built with leadership and Deanna Jones
    2.  Flyers have been put up in schools and various locations, postcards will be  distributed, yard signs will be put up, and radio stations (107.7 Jamz, Foxy 99.1,  and  640 WFNC) are broadcasting the announcements with Porcha and Rosalyn  doing  interviews, and also advertised on the back page of the Parks and    Recreation  activity books
    3. We want to bridge the gap in the community, for people to see what we do, be an    extension of grant funds, and be united
    4. The speakers for the event are Dr. Till, Major General Price from Ft. Bragg, the Mayor, and CCS School Board members
    5.  We will wear tri color t-shirts, and have food/water for volunteers
    6.  We will also sell pizza as a fundraiser
    7.  Volunteers will wear the colors red, white, or blue to designate them
    8.  Anyone interested in helping with the reunion at Spivey was asked to get with Rosalyn on October 4, 2015
    9.  The change of perception at 71st High School initiative has been effective and other initiatives like attendance works, bullying, and collaborative actions were discussed as an event possibility
    10.  Fayetteville Flight will partner with us as far as having a table at the block party event
  1. August 6th, the Leadership meeting was set up to follow up for change the perception of PTA that was conducted at local recreation centers and to be conducted as an annual training for local leaders and to get the liaisons acquainted with the area. Further talk is to have PTA awareness at town hall meetings with kids activities as well

New Business

  1. VP of Grants nominee Victor Pace introduced himself and gave information about himself and his vision for the position
  2. The Male Involvement Committee and ESL Committees are in effect and will be put into WIggio after the sign up period

Board Committee Reports

  1. SEPTA, Kris Veno-No Report
  2. Principal Advisory Board
    1. Melody Chalmers will assist with the block party
  3. Military Support Team, Emily Grimes
    1. Cathy Hurley is on the task force for anti-bullying-more details coming

The meeting was adjourned at 4:55 p.m.

Respectfully submitted by:  Sonya Harriott
CCDPTA- Secretary

Approved by:                       Porcha McMillan
CCDPTA- President