Board Minutes – January 6, 2015

Cumberland County District PTA Council
Executive Board Meeting
Cumberland County Schools Central Office
January 6, 2015
3:30 PM

The Cumberland County District PTA Council met on Tuesday, January 6, 2014 at 3:30 p.m. in the Central Services Board Room, with the following board members present: Sonya Harriott, Porcha McMillan, Jerial Bogan, Rosalyn Hinton, Heather Fuentes, Renarta Clanton-Moyd, Kamina Fitzgerald, Cathy Hurley, Lisa G. Stewart, Angelic White, Deanna Jones, Debora McPhaul, Emily Grimes, Margie L. Maddox, and Crystal Williams.

President, Porcha McMillan called the meeting to order at 3:31 p.m. The board approved the December 2, 2014 minutes.


President, Porcha McMillan opened up the meeting with discussion and introductions of possible partnerships with Mr. Rudy Tatum who is our newly elected Cumberland County School Board Member and Dr. Amy Krempecki from the Fayetteville Vision Development and Rehabilitation Center.

Treasurer, Jerial Bogan discussed and provided the treasurer report for information purposes.

There was a presentation given by Mr. Tatum from the CC School Board to discuss partnership opportunities. Items he discussed were as follows:

  1. Tatum has been attending S.I.T. (School Improvement Team) meetings to see how business is conducted and encourage the CCDPTA to get involved and work with their local schools, stressing effective PTA’s are also part of S.I.T.; the meetings can be used to bring back information to the PTA, that one can learn a lot about their school by attending, and that North Carolina has an open law for attending S.I.T. meetings.
  2. His analysis after attending S.I.T.) Meetings and thus advising parents to attend from various school districts, encouraged parents to review school’s website for meeting dates, stressed that the S.I.T is the heartbeat of the school, and that they develop school improvement instructional strategies, parent involvement, budgets, and other services to the school.
  3. He hopes to visit 30 to 40 S.I.T. meetings throughout the remainder of the school year.
  4. Tatum encouraged the CCDPTA Board to look at the study of working conditions in all North Carolina schools to see how CCS is rated.
  5. Tatum mentioned that the PTA, students, and parents can help with supplies, and staff support.
  6. Tatum hopes to rank CC school system percentages with others counties in efforts to improve data analysis.
  7. Tatum plans to meet with Student Government groups to ask the following: How do we continue to keep our schools safe? How do we challenge all students? How do we let our teacher teach and be able to have more instructional time?
  8. He also mentioned Superintendent, Dr. Till is looking for ideas on how to improve and ways to cut back on excessive testing.
  9. Porcha thanked Mr. Tatum for his presentation and invited him to sit in on the remainder of our meeting.

President, Porcha then introduced Dr. Amy Krempecki form the Fayetteville Vision Development and Rehabilitation Center.

  1. Krempecki started by saying that as a child, she struggled to see and started wearing glasses at age 2. So, she went to school to become the founder of her business to find the critical link between vision and learning.
  2. She found that the link starts with focusing problems (which leads to headaches), double vision, eye teaming, and Amblyopia (intermittent eye turns).
  3. She has a partnership with National PTA.
  4. With treatment it is beneficial based on research and a personal testimony by Treasurer, Jerial Bogan who has a daughter that has greatly benefited and has had academic success from Dr. Krempecki’s therapy and rehabilitation techniques.
  5. Krempecki provided information regarding the program and offered future workshops for awareness to local PTAs.
  6. The cost ranges from $3,000-$6,000 with the initial testing starting from $150.00. The testing and services are currently not a covered benefit by most insurance plans, however Dr. Krempecki offers various payment options.
  7. Porcha thanked Dr. Krempecki for coming and advised the Board will discuss partnership options at a later time.

President, Porcha then introduced Lake Rim Elementary Principal, Mrs. Debora McPhaul, who will be serving on the CCDPTA Board.

  Old Business

  1. President, Porcha McMillan distributed the CCDPTA nametags and Treasurer, Jerial Bogan collected the $7.00 fee for the nametags, which was verified by two other Board members.

  New Business

 Board Committee Reports

 CCS Advisory Board-Renarta Moyd

  1. The TV interview for Porcha and Heather was cancelled and will be rescheduled. Nothing else to report.

 VP of Grants, Rachel –Simms-Thompkins

  1. No report.

VP of Leadership, Kamina Fitzgerald

  1. There was a conference call on Sunday, January 4, 2015 at 5:30 p.m. Monthly calls will occur the Sunday prior to the CCDPTA Board meetings.
  2. Community Liaison training was performed and went well.
  3. VP of Membership, Rosalyn will work closely with VP of Leadership, Kamina during the Community Liaison Conference calls.
  4. Gray’s Creek Middle School is transitioning from PTO to PTA per Principal Lisa Stewart.

 VP of Membership, Rosalyn Hinton

  1. E. Smith High School is officially apart of the CCDPTA Council.
  2. There are 54 schools in CC that are PTA’s, 11 of them are currently CCDPTA members who have paid their district dues.
  3. The benefits of being apart of CCDPTA are: resources, local training opportunities, grant opportunities, and the benefit of being active in the community.

 Military Support Team, Cathy Hurley

  1. The new name will be Military Family Liaisons in efforts to eliminate duplicate committees.
  2. The committee will be composed of advisory board members.
  3. Emily Grimes gave information of an annual computer give away for all families. She provided the registration forms and mentioned January 9, 2015 is the deadline. Applications have gone out to the schools and various Board members took forms to distribute as well.

 SEPTA, Julie Rufenacht/Kris Veno

There was no information to report.

 Advocacy, Crystal Williams

  1. Advised would like to provide opportunities to develop partnerships for the youth in the community such as: soccer programs and tutoring programs.
  2. Treasurer, Jerial Bogan advised and provided information about the FSU 21st Century Learning Centers, which are free and located at various locations. Holmes at 672-1034 is the contact.
  3. Advisory Board Member, Emily Grimes advised, is a free resource with a live chat representative for K-12.
  4. Advisory Board Member, Debora McPhaul advised schools definitely would encourage a tutoring program however, stressed that this information should start out early throughout the year.

 Reflections Chair, Jennifer Teague

  1. Community Liaison, Heather reported everything went beautifully for the Reflections program in 2014. There were 30 entries from Cumberland County that have already been sent to State PTA for further judging.

 Web Manager, Angelic White

  1. Angelic was introduced and welcomed as CCDPTA new Web Manager and that we will provide all information to her in efforts to keep our CCDPTA website up-to-date.

Community Liaisons,

  1. No report.


Debora McPhaul who is part of the 71st Vertical Team reported the following.

  1. There will be a Parent and Community Night March 19th more information to follow. The event is designed to get input from parents to change the negative perceptions and to get parents out to see performances in different areas.

 President, Porcha McMillan spoke about the 2nd phase of the Smart from Start Grant.

  1. The second event will be held on January 24, 2015 from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. for the 71st school district. The theme is “Eat Less, Move More.” We will partner with Fellowship Fitness where they will offer free exercise classes and free cooking classes. Second Food Harvest Bank will provide fruit, produce and food boxes to our families.
  2. One family will receive a free 3 month gym membership, where we will track the families progress and see how they are using the tools and tips we have provided to change their lifestyles. We realize we must target the entire family, targeting parents and kids will encourage a successful change. Therefore, the second phase will include those who are able to buy and cook healthy, the entire family unit.
  3. We will also provide 1 free month pass for 3 months.
  4. CCDPTA hopes broadening the grant opportunities will provide public awareness of Energy Balance throughout Cumberland County.

 With no further business Porcha McMillan, President, adjourned the meeting at 5:07 p.m.

The next Board Meeting will be held on February 3, 2015 at 3:30 p.m.

  Respectfully submitted by: Sonya Harriott

                                               CCDPTA- Secretary

 Approved by:                       Porcha McMillan

                                             CCDPTA- President