Board Meeting February 2, 2016

Cumberland County District PTA Council
Executive Board Meeting
Cumberland County Schools Central Office
February 2, 2016
3:45 PM

The Cumberland County District PTA Council met on Tuesday, February 2, 2016 at 3:45 p.m. in Central Services Board Room, with the following board members present: Sonya Harriott, Porcha McMillan, Jerial Bogan, Deanna Jones, Margie Maddox, Heather Fuentes, Cathy Hurley, Iris Pierce, Emily Grimes, Dr. Mary Hales, Debora McPhaul, Renarta C. Moyd and Dr. Till.

President, Porcha McMillan called the meeting to order at 3:48p.m.  The board approved the January minutes.  Dr. Mary Hales made the motion and Heather Fuentes 2nd with a unanimous vote to approve the minutes as read.


President, Porcha McMillan opened up the meeting with welcoming everyone and then introduced Dr. Till to speak a few words.  Dr. Till thanked us for our support during the 3- Parent Dialogue Sessions.  He mentioned the door prizes were a success and enhanced the meetings. Dr. Till expressed that he is open to the idea of local PTA’s inviting him to go and visit their schools. Porcha added that the sessions were informative and that she received feedback from the parents that they would like a follow-up session that would allow for audience engagement and interaction.  Porcha emphasized the importance of CCDPTA utilizing this opportunity to engage our families throughout the county.

Old Business

  1. We are still in need of one more person on the nominating committee.  Please ask around to the local PTA’s to find a person.  Deanna Jones and Virginia Jicha have volunteered to serve on the nomination committee. We are encouraging all Board members to recruit interested individuals.
  2. The High School Senior Scholarship Program is expected to launch soon, we have been advised by the sponsor, Heartfelt Savings that we should see our first check possibly the end of the month.
  3. The Just Ask Grant was introduced with the note that the grant has been submitted and that we hope to receive from $1000 to $2500. It has been proposed to incorporate health into it with food as an initiative based on school regulations.  NCPTA has not made any announcement of the awardees as of yet.
  4. CCDPTA SPICE Grant is ready to be introduced to our local units. The application will be available on our website once we receive a press release from Cumberland County Foundation. SPICE, which is Strengthening Parent Involvement in Children’s Education.   We have received monies for this and next year for $10,000.  Our funds expire in June 2016 and another payment will be issued for the following year.
  5. Reflections-The submissions were on display at the Crown Coliseum. The “Paint the Ice” was a success and the families enjoyed painting with the Fire Antz Hockey Team.  There was a small turnout this year, so we plan to expand our brand for Reflections next year.  This year we were able to offer more exposure of the kid’s arts and abilities. We are still finalizing the winners’ reception.

New Business

  1. State and National PTA Conferences/Convention are coming up. The Board was asked by Porcha, that if anyone is interested in being a delegate for these events, to please send in a request to Porcha.  The budget will determine the results.

 Board Committee Reports

VP of Leadership-Heather Fuentes

  1. Heather noted that there were no updates except for the fact that a lot of schools are burned out and that the shift has moved in the way of interest.

VP of Membership, Rosalyn Hinton

  1. There was no report.

Military Support Team

  1. Iris Pierce was present to give us all bags from Child Youth and School Services.  She mentioned that there is a push for scholarships.  The “week of Scholarships” for parents, is held February 16-19th.
  2. Cathy Hurley advised, the Army youth program in the neighborhoods is going away due to budget cuts. In the past background checks have been an issue.

 SEPTA, Deanna Jones

  1. She had no information to submit.

Principal’s Advisory Board

  1. Hales shared that her school will be having their Annual Black History Recognition Program /Floating Reception will consist of Victor Glover as the guest speaker. The program will be held on February 15, 2016 at Ferguson Easley Elementary School at 12:30 pm.

ESL/Male Involvement

  1. The ESL International Program scheduled for April 21, 2016 at 71st High School starting at 5:30pm. Will be circulated once the flyers are confirmed.
  2. Hanton is working on a project for male involvement, which includes providing parents with tools to help their children in academic areas that they need to improve in for end of grade testing. Male Involvement Committee will continue to host spirit nights within the schools.

With no further business Porcha McMillan, President, adjourned the meeting at 5:11 p.m.

The next Board Meeting will be held on March 1, 2016.  It will be held at 3:45 p.m. in our normal location.

 Respectfully submitted by: Sonya Harriott
CCDPTA- Secretary

Approved by: Porcha McMillan
CCDPTA- President